Discover the world at your place*


Leplace World is about creating urban experiences anywhere in the world. Think of exploring and visiting the most interesting places in your city, finding hidden treasures around you that make you connected to your daily life and much more. Let yourself guided by the map and interact with the world from the perspective of a modern explorer.


  • Choose your preferred experience: World Map for a fast journey, or Storyline for a guided adventure. Explore the city with dynamic content anywhere in the world.

  • World Map with open-world mode allows you to explore the city while collecting virtual items and participating in outdoor activities. You should have GPS enabled and adequate mobile data coverage.

  • The Storyline includes dynamic stories about great explorers and historical events that lead you to the most interesting places in your city. Each story is unique and allows you to learn about the environment in new ways while engaging in outdoor activities.

  • FLY-DRONE can be launched from your place, so you can play indoors too and collect treasures, just like a regular game.. on a real map! You can use the drone in challenges too, only mind the battery. You can recharge the drone with energy in the inventory, so you need to keep a balance of reward vs cost when using the drone.