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Leplace World creates urban experiences anywhere in the world. Consider visiting and exploring the fascinating sites in your city, discovering hidden treasures, and much more. Allow yourself to be guided by the map and see the world through the eyes of a digital adventurer.

  • Discover the world like never before, with its Indoor/outdoor urban exploration interface. Based on Geo-AR and World Map mechanics, you can meet fellow explorers and experience a dynamic social interaction.

  • Choose your preferred experience: World Map for a fast journey, or Storyline for a guided adventure. Explore the city with dynamic content anywhere in the world.

  • World Map with open-world mode allows you to explore the city while collecting virtual items and participating in outdoor activities. You should have GPS enabled and adequate mobile data coverage.

  • The Storyline includes dynamic stories about great explorers and historical events that lead you to the most interesting places in your city. Each story is unique and allows you to learn about the environment in new ways while engaging in outdoor activities.

  • Explore the world around you and meet like-minded adventurers for a fun social experience. Take it as a mobile game to pass the time during your coffee break. As we build the dynamic social network of the future, the possibilities are endless.