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Value proposition ⭐

Leplace transforms local tourism 🗽 with the most interactive outdoor exploration game on your mobile phone 📲 and connects local creators and organizations 🙋‍♂️ with people and places worldwide 🌎

Mission 🌎

Leplace is about powering outdoor adventures with interactive mobile technologies and translating digital games into real-world experiences.

Vision 🎯

We aim to become a leading provider of outdoor experiences based on the latest mobile technologies and gamification worldwide.

Story 📜

Leplace started in 2018, when a bunch of engineering master students got together to discuss the opportunity to create a modern app for transforming treasure-hunting experiences.


Alex: I was inspired by the potential of mobile technologies to transform the way we interact with the real world and bring video games to life.


We were in for the journey of our developer careers and put in the work and passion over years of intensive development as we saw our dream come to reality day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year.


We're now collaborating with companies that are at least as passionate about creating and organizing outdoor events for local tourism and benefit from our platform to power their interactive digital experiences.

Company 💼


proudly serving clients worldwide

from Bucharest, Romania


Alexandru Predescu

Alexandru Predescu

Co-Founder & CEO

Product Architect, Research & Development, PhD in Computer Science

My experience and future plan is not just about the big tech. It's about designing solutions that make a difference in the real world.

Adrian Bercovici

Adrian Bercovici

Co-Founder & CIO

Tech Advisor, Software Architect, MSc in Systems Engineering

Passionate about technologies, software architecture, and global markets, always looking for new solutions and potential clients.


Vlad Ivanusca

Vlad Ivanusca

Optimization Advisor

Yair Segal

Yair Segal

Graphics Advisor

George Anghel

George Anghel

Multimedia Advisor

Andrei Vasilescu

Andrei Vasilescu

Creative Advisor





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