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Leplace World Press Release

TheWebAppMarket proudly presents Leplace World, an urban exploration game that holds the potential to reimagine tourism using Geo-AR and World Map mechanics.

WASHINGTON, DC - September 21, 2021: After an extensive review and a one-on-one conversation with Alexandru Predescu, founder of Leplace World, TheWebAppMarket, applauds the popular gaming app by the only startup in the world with the potential to transform the tourism industry with mobile games.

Exploration games and quests in local tourism have traditionally relied on pen, paper, and printed maps. Leplace World can replace outdated technologies with Geo-AR and World Map mechanics creating real-life adventure games.

The gaming app/platform allows creative organizations, event planners, and local businesses worldwide to build their immersive content and ideas into a game by providing interactive challenges, dynamic urban stories, and tools for urban event planners/organizers to design games and interact with urban explorers.

Geo-AR and World Map mechanics rely heavily on internal sensors and a deep understanding of the hardware limitations to achieve a smooth game experience. Leplace World not only sails through against technical odds but is also one of the very few AR-VR gaming apps to get approval from the App Store and Play Store.


“Good ideas require a certain amount of inspiration to become great. Great ideas require a certain amount of work to become reality.”


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